Use case

Easy Vie

With PikkoPay

7 minutes

saved per client

1 register



User retention rate

EasyVie, a convenience store located next to schools and offices in the 17th arrondissement of Paris. It has a frequent and loyal customer base. However, EasyVie was facing a significant problem of long waiting times during lunch hours, with customers waiting for around 10 to 15 minutes.

Fast integration and deploy

PikkoPay was implemented in January 2023 without interrupting the store's activity or restructuring. The system was planned, supported, and integrated into Easy Vie's existing catalog of 5000 products in less than two weeks.

A massive adoption


Use rate

EasyVie's regular customers quickly adopted the solution due to its simplicity and practicality.


Retention rate

Today, this behavior is ingrained in some users, who use it spontaneously.

Increase store capacity

Easyvie experiences high traffic during lunch hours which often led to wait times of over 10 minutes. PikkoPay enabled customers to scan and pay from their smartphones, reducing the initial wait time to less than 2 minutes per customer.

Improving Customer Experience

Regular and frequent customers of Easy Vie were excited about the idea of a new solution to reduce their waiting time. PikkoPay is now firmly established with some very regular users, who even use it in the absence of a queue.

Store efficiency

EasyVie was looking for ways to reduce waiting time for its customers and was considering opening a new checkout lane. However, the cost involved was a significant barrier. PikkoPay was the solution for EasyVie.

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