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Increase your sales while providing your customers with the best in-store experience, thanks to our instant payment solution, Scan&GO.

How it work ?

Offer your customers the possibility of making their purchases in total freedom. No more queues. PikkoPay allows you to transform your customer’s smartphones into a volatile cash register.

1. Scan

Your customer’s will be able to scan their items via their smartphone.

2. Pay

Then they can pay for theirbasket directlyon the application

3. Go

Finally, they will be able to leave the store in peace.


Boost your sales

With our app we can push recommendation of product in app, personalised promotion. Our app is the only solution that bring the online automatic recommendation into physical stores


Une expériencesans friction

Better experience in-store

No more waiting lines Staff can spends more time to high value task or talk to customer

your customers

Learn to understand your customers' behavior behavior to tailor your messages for future marketing opportunities.

Des donnéesexclusives

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Easy to integrate

No restructuring or interruption of your store's activity,
PikkoPay is designed to be easily and quickly integrated to your existing infrastructure like an additional cash register that connects to your store

Une intégration fluide
Prévention des vols

Loss prevention


Customers receive reminders during their journey in the application, that their purchases may be checked upon the exit.


At the heart of our theft prevention strategy, we have developed a robust algorithm that analyzes the risk of theft for each shopping cart based on a specific set of criteria.


From the dashboard, you can monitor in real time the different baskets in progress in the store as well as their risk index evolving according to our intelligent algorithm.


Several physical checkout options are available in our offers to best adapt to your store! This final barrier helps to maximize security.

It’s win a win


Checkout capacity per minute


Waiting time per customer


Abandoned basket recovery


User adoption rate

Uses cases

What are they saying ?

“Thanks to this solution, we have been able to significantly reduce wait times during lunch hours and better manage the influx of customers. They are delighted with this new payment method, and we are thrilled to see them leave happier and more quickly served. Thank you PikkoPay !”

EasyVie supermarket - Paris, France
7 min

Saved per client

1 register



Retention rate

What are they saying ?

"On weekends when there's a queue, it's very practical. Customers understand how to use it without needing help. Everyone saves time! The PikkoPay team is always very responsive, and their level of support makes the experience even more enjoyable."

Acid Violette République
9 min

Saved per client


Google Review


Use rate

What are they saying ?

"We have managed to stand out from the competition by offering such innovative systems to our customers. PikkoPay has allowed us to reduce the number of open checkouts during off-peak hours and optimize the work of our teams."

Au Grand Marché

Checkout capacity


Staff optimized

What are they saying ?

"Our grocery store is very busy during lunchtime, which often created wait times. PikkoPay solved the problem by allowing customers to scan items and pay on their mobile devices. Customers love it. It's really worth trying!"

Jil’s Food - La Défense

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